Beltane: the Beginning of Summer

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Weeping Hibiscus

If any of you have been following me on IG or FB you have seen that FLOWERS have recently hijacked my pages. For the past 3 weeks I cannot go anywhere without amazing flowers showing up in front of me. I may be partially to blame for this, beyond living in the subtropics . I have been working on a small store to add to my website carrying very unique supplements and wildcrafted medicines for pets that are difficult to find elsewhere.

It came to me in one of my meditations to ask the collective Pack of Canines, Tribe of Felines and Gaia, the Divine Mother Herself, to show me what medicines they need the most right now, and… voila! FLOWERS FLOWERS AND MORE FLOWERS showed up. Many of them are right in my own backyard! Even the supplies to wildcraft the essences have been within arms reach so the universe has left me no excuses to not do it.

Flowers as medicine go back as far as herbs. The flowering parts of plants offer their own medicinal qualities. Flower essences were first created by Dr Edward Bach in the early 1900’s. Flower essences heal the emotional body, on a vibratory level slightly different from homeopathy. Many diseases begin in the emotional body and if not addressed become more dense and make their way into form and manifest physically. The idea behind stress or grief creating disease are excellent examples.

Flowers left as offerings to the Ylang Ylang tree

Our pets support us emotionally in so many ways. As crazy and busy as our lives have become it is no wonder that they end up taking on our stress. The flowers are coming forth to help them, and us, handle that stress with more ease and grace. I am making them in the traditional way by placing the blossoms in spring water in the sun and using organic French cognac to preserve them. Do not worry, by the time they are diluted in the form to be administered there will be little to no alcohol. I am allowing the Devas of the plants and flowers to step forward and offer their services, and in gratitude I am leaving them offerings. Oh boy! are they ever stepping forward! I feel like they have been clamoring at the gates just waiting for someone to hear them.

Also, it just so happens to be Beltane, or May Day, an old Celtic holiday celebrated at the halfway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, one of the “cross-quarter” holidays. Beltane marks the beginning of summer and was traditionally the time when livestock were driven to summer pastures. Before going, rituals were performed to protect them, and to celebrate the new season of the year, Summer. Flowers played a pivotal role, as they are usually coming into full bloom at this time and represent fertility and abundance, being the sexual organs of the plants themselves. Maypoles were danced around and large bonfires were lit. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Summer is the season of the Fire Element so having a bonfire is an appropriate way to kick off the season.

Bowie, representing the Tribe of Feline, soaking up the Gardenias and supervising the medicine making.

Asking the cats and dogs what they needed has shifted the whole field as well. I initially found my dog accompanying me, helping select specimens and giving her approval on methods. This past weekend I was unable to take her to the gardens where I was going to be collecting the flowers. No need to worry – two big beautiful Maine Coons were ready and waiting for me. They spent all day with me supervising the medicine making. It is truly amazing what happens when we step aside and leave room for other sentient beings to step forward and give their input.

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