Virtual Consultations

What you will receive in a consultation

The purpose of my consultations is to provide pet owners with a holistic perspective in the care and management of their animal companion, that not only includes the conventional diagnosis, but the individual patient’s pattern of imbalance.

The Approach

I utilize the framework of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) to allow me to assess the individual animal and provide lifestyle recommendations that will support that individual animal to both prevent further dis-ease and to support the body in its healing process. TCVM was the first “functional medicine” developed and evolved over thousands of years. It takes into account the interplay of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental factors in the process of healing.

TCVM was the first “functional medicine” developed and evolved over thousands of years.

I have discovered over 20 plus years of treating patients in the home environment, TCVM allows me to both discover the pattern of imbalance leading to dis-ease and gives me tools to restore balance and a state of health and well-being to my patients.

I have utilized TCVM to provide advice and treatment plans for:

  • prevention of disease for young dogs and cats
  • animals that develop acute and then chronic disease states, i.e. allergies, cancer, organ failure, degenerative conditions  
  • to improve the quality of life for elderly and geriatric animals all the way through to end-of-life care.

The Process

As part of the consult, I complete an extensive review of medical records and history of the patient, going back to puppyhood and kittenhood, reviewing early illnesses, medications, medical procedures, vaccinations and diet. Most disease states have a long story behind them.

Conventional medicine can work miracles for many conditions, i.e. broken bones and emergency situations. There are many areas where it is lacking, particularly in prevention and healing from disease by supporting the body’s innate healing capacities through nutrition, supplementation, massage and manual therapies,to name a few. 

When a patient presents at a conventional clinic, although the diagnostics are often brilliant in pinpointing the problem, though not always 100%, the options for treatment are limited to surgery to cut out the problem, chemotherapy to poison the problem, or drugs to suppress the problem. Sometimes those treatments are needed to buy some time while the root of the problem is addressed using other means, and that is where I come in.

I work with you to develop a plan including nutrition, supplements, western and Chinese herbal medicine, flower essence therapy, stone medicine, essential oils, massage and acupressure techniques, Reiki and a few other modalities I have trained in, including communications I may receive from the animal themselves. 

I also evaluate environmental and social factors that may be impacting the health of the animal, from stress, toxins, climate, and enrichment activities.

Client’s Commitment, Intention and Will

This is the third part of the equation, and the most important. We all love our animals and want to do what is best for them. You are the person who knows your pet best. I am also depending upon you to be observant and communicate what is going with the patient. 

The initial consultation is only the beginning of a process of observation, home care, and communication. Progress might seem slow at first, and can even seem to go backwards at times, as previously suppressed symptoms are uncovered. It takes the body time to heal and regenerate, often double the amount of time that the body has been ill or out of balance. 

It is very important that the pet owner understands and believes in the treatment plan and is committed to doing what it takes to heal the animal: changing diet, administration of pills, powders, liquid supplements and herbs, as necessary. If you are having trouble, always reach out for suggestions. 

Keeping a health diary: noting dietary changes, responses to new medications, herbs or supplements, any changes in symptoms, behavior, appetite, sleeping patterns, and activity levels can be super helpful for follow-up appointments. Making videos and taking pictures of gait abnormalities, tongues (yes, I love to look at animal’s tongues!), skin issues, etc is also helpful for adjusting protocols as well as monitoring progression of healing.

Follow up calls and emails will be necessary to guide you as the disease evolves and changes. Some people will need support calls throughout the healing process because their pet’s medical conditions are chronic and have been in progress for many months or years. If new developments arise during healing, such as a new problem, or side effects from past treatments, more consultations may be necessary.

I recommend scheduling a follow-up call soon after the initial consult as my schedule fills up fairly quickly. Several emails are included in the price of the consult. If the emails become excessive, or I deem it to be in the best interest of the patient, I will ask you to schedule a follow-up call. Communication via email is limited in breadth especially regarding medical issues. 

If, at any time, your animal’s condition deteriorates rapidly or becomes very serious, please seek the help of a local veterinarian immediately.  

Finally, consistent, detailed communication with me, via emailed health updates or scheduled phone time, is essential to achieving good results.

Consultation Options

I offer 3 different consultation options: 

  1. An initial consultation recommended for first time clients with complex cases or for those that wish to dive deep to the root of their pet’s illness and to begin a path of wellness.
  2. A progress consult for already established clients.
  3. Ask the Vet: a quickie for simple problems or to get guidance on where to go next or to get an introduction to my approach.

*Please note, after scheduling appointment, you will be given forms to complete before we meet.

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